Who is Jon Bibbs?

Dr. Jonathan C. Bibbs, (better known as Jon Bibbs) could be called a triple threat: he writes, sings and produces music that is respected and loved around the world. But his credits as a singer / songwriter only scratch the surface. Add accomplished musician, digital media strategist, philanthropist, and educator to that list, and we still haven’t fully defined all of the dimensions of this modern day renaissance man.  

The story of Jon's life as a creative begins in 1983. At age two, his mother enrolled him in piano classes at Virginia Commonwealth University where soon after he became widely known as a “musical prodigy.” By age 12 he was performing alongside the critically acclaimed Richmond Philharmonic Orchestra.

In 1999, Jon enrolled at Hampton University where he continued to nurture his growing musical talents. Over the next few years he made his vocal debut with True Story (2001) and Red: The Color of Love (2003). Both projects garnered the attention of industry giants, but it was Unbreakable (2005) that catapulted him as an underground soul music staple throughout the entire eastern region. As his fan base grew, Jon found himself recording and sharing the stage with notable names including Grammy Award Winners Miguel, John Legend and Melanie Fiona. His work also includes studio or stage appearances with Wiz Khalifa, Ledisi, Roy Ayers, Snoop Dogg, SWV, Kardi’nal Official, Morris Day & the Time, Bilal, Eric Roberson, Anthony David, Conya Doss, Raheem DeVaughn, Chuck Brown and a host of others. In 2011, Jon became a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, (also known as The Recording Academy,) the body responsible for the annual Grammy Awards.

In 2008, Bibbs landed a partnership deal with San Francisco media startup, KyteTV. The partnership established Jon as a leader of independent artists leveraging social media and web media resources. Later in 2008 Jon launched his own social network, JB Live as a companion to the KyteTV platform. The JB Live network transitioned to become a platform exclusively for mobile devices in 2013 and continues to offer a rich social experience to Jon's fans that enhances their appreciation for Jon's creative work as a musician. Jon continues to work in the media development arena, with several media products slated for release in 2014.

Aside from his music and media ventures, Jon has found a remarkable niche in the field of education.  As the owner/administrator of Richmond Prep, a private academy in Richmond, VA. Richmond Prep is one of Richmond's most economically accessible private schools, focusing on early literacy, character development and the arts. Jon is also a noted lecturer—particularly for his presentations on music and creativity, liturgical music, and musicology. In 2012 Jon received a Doctorate of Fine Arts, Honoris Causa from Virginia University of Lynchburg.

Even with all of his successes, Jon maintains an endearing humility and continues to pour himself into his art, always acknowledging the efforts of his contemporaries and striving to provide an experience of showmanship like the pioneers who paved the way. Jon often says, "In everything I do, I want to give God the utmost glory. In Him I live, move and have my being."